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Madonna and Jimmy Fallon face off in a Neon Dance Battle on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is known for challenging his guests, whether he wants to create impromptu dance moves with Sam Rockwell or confront Paul Rudd in a lip-sync battle (conceding to Rudd’s magnificent version of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”). But now Fallon has confronted his fiercest competitor yet, taking on Madonna herself in a Neon Dance Battle.

Wearing special neon suits and dancing to beats laid down by The Roots, the competitors spar handily, with Madonna (who gets to go first because she’s Madonna) pulling off some of her signature dance moves, only highlighted by the neon outline of the suits. When she tosses Fallon comments like “Don’t hurt yourself, did you hurt yourself?” and “I hope you stretched out your hamstrings”, she could be expressing genuine concern, or possibly throwing out some golden trash-talk.

But when Fallon and Madonna dance together at the end, it’s clear who the leader is, and it’s the legendary single-named performer herself. We’re just glad she left her Madame X eyepatches at home—although she did later wear a veil with the word “Art” on it, in case you weren’t aware that she was being artistic.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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