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The normally prolific Madlib has kept an unusually low profile as of late, producing for other artists and putting out instrumental albums. That's about to change. He's currently working with DOOM on the long-awaited new Madvillain album and according to the good folks over at Stones Throw  he's about to embark on a project that's ambitious and work-intensive even by Madlib standards.


Beginning next month, Madlib will put out a "Madlib Medicine Show" CD and LP combining new productions, remixes, instrumentals and mix-tapes. The first release in the series will be Before The Verdict, a collaboration with fellow Stones Throw artist Guilty Simpson. The second will be Flight To Brazil, which Stones Throw describes as "a mixtape of Brazilian jazz, funk, prog-rock, folk and psychedelia". Stones Throw promises a Beat Konducta in Africa entry as well. As huge Madlib fans we are, uncharacteristically, extremely optimistic.

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