The phrases “Mad Men” and “green initiative” don’t usually appear in close proximity to each other, yet here we are, watching Pete Campbell and Harry Crane pitch us the sustainable, parking-woes-free future of high-speed rail. It’s almost as if they looked into the future and saw the resistance President Obama’s $53 billion high-speed rail proposal would be facing in 2011. Either that, or notably crunchy public transit advocate Vincent Kartheiser (who plays Campbell), U.S. PIRG, and Funny Or Die recognized the hole Mad Men’s absence from television has left in the public’s hearts and teamed up to plug it with an energy-efficient, highly controversial bullet train of progressive politics. We’re not sure Don would approve—the Japanese love high-speed rail, after all—but we can probably safely assume that Mad Men’s vision of high-speed rail would include one hell of a club car.

Mad Men On Trains from Rich Sommer