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Mad Men's Matthew Weiner will finally make his slacker comedy movie with Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis

Matthew Weiner has been saying for the past several years that he intended to get around to his feature film debut during Mad Men’s downtime—a promise that rang especially hollow given that he just got a year-plus of downtime, and still no feature film. But no matter: Weiner now says (for the third or fourth time) that he’s ready to try again with You Are Here, the previously reported stoner-slacker comedy about two potheads forced to grow up fast after they inherit their late father’s lucrative Amish farmland, and who become caught up in a love triangle revolving around their dad’s “younger bohemian” widow.

The last time we reported on You Are Here, Matt Dillon and Jack Black were attached to play the brothers, stepping in for previously slated stars Bradley Cooper and Zach Galfianakis, respectively. And before Weiner had to slide even further down that flowchart to, say, Jason Sudeikis and Dan Fogler, Weiner has actually gone back up a level, re-recruiting Galifianakis to star alongside Owen Wilson, with the characters no longer brothers but rather “childhood best friends” described somewhat-redundantly as a “freewheeling bachelor” (Wilson) and a “bipolar man-child” (Galifianakis). There’s also no longer any mention of a love triangle—nor any indication of who will play the widow Wilson falls for, after the part was originally offered to Rachel McAdams—but Deadline reports that Amy Poehler will now step in to play Galifianakis’ ruthless sister, a role that had already been passed from Jennifer Aniston to Renee Zellwegger. Hopefully Weiner actually makes his scheduled May shoot this time, before he has to consider a whole new generation of breezy jerks, roly-poly man-children, and high-strung blondes.


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