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Mad Men's Matthew Weiner to remain at Sterling Cooper.

AMC has known for a few months that their Emmy-winning Mad Men would be back for a third season; the future for showrunner Matthew Weiner, though, wasn't as certain. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Weiner and Lionsgate—who produce Mad Men for AMC—have struck a two-year, seven-figure deal to keep the show's creator around. He will oversee everything in the Sterling Cooper–verse for the upcoming season, work on "new projects," and take on a possible full-length feature for Lionsgate. (It won't be a Mad Men movie, sadly.)

The two-year deal, strangely, doesn't include a fourth season order of the universally lauded period drama. But unless the show ties up all its loose ends come next year (… and other impossibilities), it's likely there'll be more Pete Campbell—but still no Chauncey—come June 2010.


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