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Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser to get Casual for Hulu

Mad Men

Having recently concluded his portion of the Mad Men victory tour (by taking on the role of a closed-minded jerk living even further in the past, for Nat Geo’s Puritan-based Saints & Strangers), recovering Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser is back in the TV dating pool. To that end, he’s signed on for a recurring part on the second season of Hulu’s semi-comedic Casual, playing a seemingly perfect business associate with some hidden past baggage, a role that would probably make his old TV dad Don Draper proud, if that was a thing it was possible for Don Draper to be.

Kartheiser will appear on the Golden Globe-nominated series—which was renewed for a second season back in October—as Jordan, a venture capitalist who gets into figurative business bed with Thomas Dewey’s character, Alex. But, alas, the course of true business love never did run smooth, as it turns out that Jordan is also in bed—non-figuratively—with his own fiancée, who turns out to be one of Alex’s ex-girlfriends. And thus, were the seeds of drama planted, which would someday sprout into the plot complications that would keep these two business doers from deepening their (business) relationship, ensuring that they stay, forever… Casual. (Cue jangly guitar soundtrack and witty, Michaela Watkins-lobbed asides.)


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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