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Mad Men’s Rich Sommer makes game night spooky in the new edition of Board With Life

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Board With Life is a web series about a group of thoroughly dysfunctional board game geeks whose weekly game nights have a tendency to spiral into fist fights and crime sprees. It’s pretty entertaining. On the latest episode, Mad Men’s Rich Sommer shows up as a mysterious stranger who comes to game night. Is he a murderer or just some lonely weirdo? Who knows? Sommer pulls off a legitimately unsettling character, like a sitcom creep with his niceness and middle distance stare.

The episode also features Ashly Burch’s Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’? as one of the nerd’s ex-girlfriends, who is trying to escape from a terrible, possibly contagious roommate. If there’s one take away from this episode, it’s that you should always be wary of both strangers and corndogs.


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