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Mad Men’s Kevin Rahm joins Fox’s Lethal Weapon series

Mad Men

According to Deadline, Kevin Rahm—a.k.a. Ted Chaough, to those formerly employed by Sterling Cooper—has joined Fox’s Lethal Weapon series. He will portray Captain Avery, a series regular who probably will spend a lot of time yelling at Detectives Murtaugh (Damon Wayans Sr.) and Riggs (still uncast) about property damage and tell them to turn in their badges and guns because they’re finished as cops at least every other week.

Avery is described as “more politician than cop, dressing the part of top brass since his early days as Murtaugh’s partner.” Sounds like a guy audiences will love to hate—until he’s humanized when his daughter is kidnapped in the season finale and Riggs goes after her with a bomb strapped to his chest for no reason. “It wasn’t the law, but it was the right thing to do, “ Avery will presumably say, handing Riggs and Murtaugh back their badges. “Go get ‘em, you crazy sons-a-bitches.” And then the bomb still mounted to Riggs’ chest will explode, and Murtaugh’s widow Trish will begin fighting crime in honor of her husband’s legacy.


That might sound drastic, but Fox is obviously bringing back Lethal Weapon in order to do something different and not to just keep telling the same stories over and over. Right?

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