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Mad Men’s final season will premiere in April, just like everything else

April, often considered the fourth most important month, is finally getting some overdue attention. Well, attention from TV shows, at least. We’ve previously reported that Game Of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley will be premiering on HBO on April 12, and that Daredevil will be hitting Netflix a few days earlier on April 10, and now we know that Mad Men will be coming back to AMC for its final seven episodes in April as well. It will be April 5, to be exact, which will give the show a solid week of dominating everyone’s TV-related Twitter rants before Game Of Thrones comes in and starts confusing people with its ice zombies and missing characters. Though, this being Mad Men’s final season, maybe it could also throw in some ice zombies just for fun. Don Draper can open the season with a passionate monologue about how the end of the ‘60s is the real ice zombie, or something like that.


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