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James Wolk has been in a lot of things. The guy’s had roles in Billions, Shameless, Political Animals, Zoo, and something called Tell Me A Story that mixes fairy tales with Trump (don’t ask). But no one associates his name with those shows. Instead, Wolk’s career has been linked to three small words, the now-universal response whenever shit goes south: “Not great, Bob!”

Yes, Wolk is Bob Benson from Mad Men, that handsome charmer who once rocked a pair of fish-patterned short shorts like no other. Now Wolk has landed a new gig, and one on a series buzzy enough that it might just make him known for something besides that Pete Campbell elevator outburst. Wolk has joined the cast of HBO’s Watchmen in what Deadline says is a major recurring role.


Given that this is a new Damon Lindelof series, the details remain locked in a safe buried at the bottom of the ocean, and all leakers will be subject to a swift beheading. That said, Deadline has some intel that Wolk’s secretive character is a “junior senator from Oklahoma.” That could mean Wolk is playing John David Keene, a Republican U.S. senator from the comics. He’s known for passing the Keene Act, which outlawed costumed crime-fighters—a real shitty move that’d provoke some “Not great, Bob” ire. Maybe not, though.

Alan Moore’s comic book won’t provide many clues for whatever Lindelof is cooking up: The Leftovers creator has said his Watchmen series, which also stars Jeremy Irons, Regina King, Don Johnson, and Tim Blake Nelson, among others, will be a “remix” of the comic, whatever that means. But whoever Wolk plays, hopefully it’ll give him a chance to ascend beyond meme fame.

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