Mad Men meets Modern Men in this mashup that pits Mad Men scenes against modern technology and culture. A depressed Don Draper watches daytime TV as guests on The Maury Show describe their fear of mustard and pickles, but not ketchup. Peter and Trudy Campbell dance the Charleston to “Baby Got Back” and it looks surprisingly normal. Peggy Olsen answers her office phone, which sounds like a ringing and vibrating cell phone, and is encouraged to vote for Rick Santorum, the choice of Christian voters across America.

The mash-up ends with the iconic Carousel pitch from “The Wheel,” season 1, episode 13. But instead of seeing photos of Don’s family, we see photos of cats and dogs in compromising positions sandwiched between a slide written in the Mainframe font stating, “Carousel not found. Connect carousel to port.” The whole thing makes you wonder what Don Draper would have thought of the Internet. Instead of sneaking out to see movies maybe he just would have closed his office door and watched YouTube videos.