Although you’d be forgiven for having overlooked it, amid all that awkward tension and your inability to stop thinking about ketchup ever since, Sunday’s Mad Men featured a quick reference to 30 Rock, one even more sly than Tracy Morgan’s incredible, Emmy-snubbed run as Miss Blankenship. During their post-pitch gloating over the Heinz account, Peggy’s boss Ted orders up a celebratory “Old Spanish”—a cocktail of red wine, tonic water, and olives traditionally favored by gullible government employees like Matthew Broderick’s Cooter Burger, and also completely fake. 30 Rock writer Tracey Wigfield caught the cameo and declared it the “best thing ever,” though no one from AMC or Mad Men has officially confirmed that the reference was intentional. (Though, c’mon.) What is confirmed is that an Old Spanish sounds disgusting, no matter what era you’re living in.  [via UPROXX]