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Mad Men inspires new McDonald's uniforms in the U.K.

Illustration for article titled emMad Men /eminspires new McDonalds uniforms in the U.K.

Mad Men is going to the 2012 Olympics. Well, not entirely, but close: Workers at the four McDonald’s restaurants in the Olympics Park and Athletes Village will be wearing new uniforms, “inspired by Mad Men.” Not even Don Draper could have dreamt up that kind of brand synergy.


Of course, looking at the uniforms, they still look an awful lot like McDonald’s uniforms, albeit ones with hints of “gherkin green” and “mustard yellow,” which undoubtedly are referencing the earthy tones of Don and Megan’s swinging Manhattan pad. The hideousness of the uniforms harken back to the really ugly plaid blazer Don wore to Pete's house this past season, and the colors suggest the show's inevitable slide into the early '70s, where plaids, wide lapels, and gross colors ruled.Their line features no McNugget-inspired pillbox hats, unfortunately.

The mod duds were designed by Wayne Hemmingway, the British designer who made his name founding the Red Or Dead fashion label. They replace a line of mocha brown and black uniforms that were introduced four long, French fry oil-soaked years ago, and will be rolled out to all other McDonald’s workers this fall.

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