Although in many ways Mad Men never really left us, in another, more accurate way, Mad Men left us in 2010, its absence filled by agonizingly prolonged contract negotiations, hypothetical discussions of farting senior citizens, The Playboy Club, and other things that weren’t nearly as sexy. But as foretold approximately a year ago, the show finally plans to sashay its way back onto AMC in March, and now Jon Hamm has updated that return to the more concrete date of March 25, which will see the fifth season debut with, as previously reported, Hamm himself in the director’s chair. Hamm broke the news during Doug Benson’s “Doug Loves Movies” podcast, where Hamm had yet another strong showing in the Leonard Maltin Game, once again proving that an impressive breadth of film knowledge and being devastatingly handsome are not mutually exclusive. Thanks for picking up our slack. [via The Film Stage]