Excited about the imminent return of AMC’s Mad Men, which begins its final season this Sunday, April 13, but concerned that the show is so white that it threatens to disappear on snowy days? The Leroy & Clarkson ad agency has got you covered, baby, with "Don-O-Mite," a clever Grindhouse-style fake trailer that reimagines the acclaimed cable drama as a 1970s blaxploitation film. The clip comes complete with African-American counterparts for many of the show’s main characters, including Don Draper (the titular Don-O-Mite), a wrongly convicted man whose mission is to “save the worst agency on Madison Avenue or go back to the joint!” During the four-minute trailer, viewers also encounter other employees from the firm of “Jackson, Johnson, Washington, and White,” like Black Peggy (“She’s got the brains and the money to make that money!”) and Slim Sterling (“the silver-tongued cat at the top of the stack.”) With its loving recreations of the split-screen editing, funky “wocka-chicka” music, gratuitous violence, and the slangy voiceover narration so common in real 1970s blaxploitation trailers, “Don-O-Mite” is worth viewing even for those who aren’t Mad Men experts. And, perhaps not coincidentally, the trailer harks back to the groundbreaking advertising satire Putney Swope (1969), directed by Robert Downey, Sr. You know, Iron Man’s dad. [via Laughing Squid]