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Mad Men gets Rickrolled (finally, right?)

And, lo, there came an inevitable moment in which the universe brought together three forces whose union had not previously been known. For while clips of Mad Men and the splicing craze had been brought together before in days of yore, never had these elements bonded with "Rickrolling." And yet one day the Lord Of The Internet did speak into the void and declare that this, too, shall one day come to pass. Lo, that day is here, the three points of the Internet Trident bending through space and time to intersect at a single point. But what hath such a union wrought? Tis such a mighty union that its power has ripped a hole in space and time, turning the Internet in upon itself in a vortex so powerful that it now threatens to devour itself even as thy promise rings across the cosmos: "Never gonna give you up." [via Nerdist]

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