Mad Max

For over 30 years, all Michigan resident Dale Walter wanted in this life was his very own version of Max Rockatansky’s black V8 Interceptor from the Mad Max franchise. Upon first glance of Max’s black getaway car in the original Mad Max film, Walter told a friend he would one day own that car. Like any supportive pal, his friend replied, “Yeah, right.”

Well, suck it, friend! Three decades later, Walter has made good on his promise by recreating the Interceptor. The final product is a souped-up 1972 Australian Ford Falcon. With a little over $120,000 and five years of work from a specialist car-restoration company, Walter transformed the piece of junk into the car of his dreams.


Now, he’s ready for a post-apocalyptic Michigan! Well, not exactly: Walter’s version only gets about six miles to a gallon. That’s hardly efficient enough to survive a hellish wasteland where getting gas is a little more lethal than popping over to the corner gas station.