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Mad Max: Fury Road's director has his next project, and it's not a Mad Max film

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It may be the least surprising film news of the day, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t a little bit disappointed to finally get confirmation of what was long suspected: George Miller isn’t going to be making those next Mad Max movies anytime soon.

In a decidedly non-shiny and chrome turn of events, the ongoing legal battle between Miller’s production company and Warner Bros. has ensured no Mad Max sequels are getting made for the time being, despite the director supposedly having scripts for the next two installments ready to go. As a result, Deadline reports Miller is turning his attention elsewhere—specifically, to a mysterious new project titled Three Thousand Years Of Longing. Very little is known about the film, other than Miller himself wrote the screenplay and is set to direct, and even the logline is being kept a secret for the time being. (Maybe he just doesn’t want to give away too much of the plot with a description like, “Shithead studio executives stymie a great action director’s plan to make more great action movies, so he makes a film about murdering them slowly over millennia.”) If nothing else, at least he’s finally making another movie, and Miller’s work is nothing if not dependably entertaining—this is the man who managed to make Happy Feet Two a good film.

The new one is said to be epic in scope—not exactly shocking, given the title—and filming will begin next year. No casting has been announced yet, though perhaps that’s because the project is actually another Babe sequel, this time set in a dystopic future wasteland where the eponymous pig drives a muscle car and is haunted by the memories of those he’s lost along the way.

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