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Mad Max: Fury Road will hopefully arrive before the apocalypse

After nearly a quarter-century of false starts, scrapped concepts, assorted delays and reshoots, and unfortunately timed updates, Mad Max: Fury Road at last has a May 15, 2015 release date that—while it puts it in competition with a very crowded blockbuster year—nevertheless saves the film from debuting in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, by at least a couple years. As we've previously reported, original director George Miller rebooted the series by putting Tom Hardy in the lead role and filming in 3-D, but certain elements will remain unchanged—for example, the fact that every character (some played by actors like Charlize Theron, Nicolas Hoult, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely) will still have the sort of ridiculous names like “Rictus Erectus” and “Coma-Doof Warrior” that let you know you’re really in the future. And it will still have Mel Gibson—albeit in a small role known only as the “Drifter,” with Gibson an unnerving presence always haunting the background of the franchise that made him a star, and also playing a guy called “Drifter.”


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