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Mad Max: Fury Road B-roll shows off stunts in real-time

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Last month some B-roll footage from Avengers: Age Of Ultron made its way onto the internet, and now it seems that might become a trend for all summer blockbusters: A kind soul at the JoBlo Movie Trailers YouTube channel has uploaded almost 19 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from Mad Max: Fury Road. Not only does the B-roll capture director George Miller chatting with his actors between takes, it also gives a sense of what those famously CGI-lite stunts looked like in real time. And it turns out they’re almost as impressive in their raw form as they are in the final cut.

For those who just want the action highlights: At the 53 second mark there’s footage of the automotive caravan speeding through the desert with Tom Hardy (or more likely his stunt double) strapped to the front of a car. Starting at 2:42 there are shots of those cool “polecats” in action. At 7:57 some stuff blows up. Starting at 8:28 there’s a lot of moving car/motorcycle stunts. 9:47-12:37 has footage of the main cast including Hardy and Charlize Theron climbing around on the various vehicles. At 14:07 Miller gets adorably excited about driving. And beginning at 17:51 there are some massive explosions.


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