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Machete-wielding bandit tries to rob store, gets chased off by cloud of fog

Screenshot: The Fog (YouTube)

The only thing stopping a man with a machete is a man with a fog machine, apparently. In New Zealand, a thief burst into a convenience store armed with a machete and slammed it down at a counter, just before reaching over and trying to grab some goodies. What the robber didn’t know is the shop’s owner had a trick up their sleeve: a dang fog cannon.

The entire interaction was caught on CCTV and posted on the Northland Police Facebook page. With the push of a button, the owner essentially turned the shop into a haunted house, thus preventing the robber from seeing anything at all, including the cash register. The thick fog dispersed behind the counter and gave the 21-year-old bandit a spook, as you can see by his backwards hop and flail of confusion. He eventually ran, but he still managed to get caught by police.


Fog cannons are genius, really. They’re also the norm of security for some countries outside the United States. As the New Zealand police captioned in their uploaded video, fog cannons are a “great prevention tool,” as they cloud the vision of criminals and tag those in the vicinity with a traceable chemical. It’s the next best thing to having your own smoke monster at your disposal.

[Via Neatorama]

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