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Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed band pelted with beer, booed off stage

Though Macaulay Culkin’s pizza themed Velvet Underground cover band is, in fact, more of a stupid art project than an actual honest to God tribute act, that hasn’t stopped fans from taking the project at least somewhat seriously. That might be understandable, considering Pizza Underground has been touring the world, cashing checks after playing what can barely even be described as “shows.” (The A.V. Club saw it at SXSW, so trust us: It’s very, very bad.)

All that legitimacy turned around to bite the “band” on its ass this weekend when, at a festival in Nottingham, England, the group was pelted with beer and booed off the stage. According to the Nottingham Post, the group was only on stage for about 15 minutes or three dumb, pizza-related songs. Despite the band’s attempt to woo the audience with free slices, festivalgoers were not impressed, perhaps instead hoping for their own whole lovely cheese pizzas.


According to the band’s Twitter, “a couple people ruined it for everyone,” throwing beer and causing Culkin to chide the modern day Wet Bandits, saying he’d rather “drink” the beer than have it thrown at him. Some fans in attendance tweeted that they were “gutted” the set was cut short, with one viewer saying he was especially sad he was unable to get a picture with Culkin after the show.


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