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Macaulay Culkin is apparently starting a band that sings Billy Joel covers about cats

The Pizza Underground frontman Macaulay Culkin, known for such smash-hit Velvet Underground parodies as “I’m Beginning To Eat The Slice,” “All The Pizza Parties,” and “Pizza Gal,” as well as some sort of acting career, is apparently starting a new band. According to Vanyaland, Culkin told the audience at last night’s Pizza Underground show in Boston that his next musical endeavor will be Pussy Joel, a Billy Joel cover band that sings songs about cats—obviously. Also, Culkin handed out pizza slices to everybody in the audience, so it sounds like it was a pretty rad night.

Vanyaland does acknowledge the possibility that this is all a joke, but it’s not like “Velvet Underground cover band that sings songs about pizza” sounded like a totally serious idea, either. If anything, adding cat puns to “Piano Man” seems like a much more commercially viable career choice for Culkin. Even if he was joking, maybe he should consider it. Besides, he once made his family disappear just by wishing it would happen. We’re not going to doubt Culkin’s ability to do whatever he wants.


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