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MAC to explore the strange new world of Star Trek-themed cosmetics

The Star Trek franchise turns 50 this year, and it’s celebrating by combining geekdom and chicdom. Specifically, MAC is releasing a 25-piece line of official Star Trek-branded cosmetics, including lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish.This is far from MAC’s first venture into pop culture-themed makeup lines, and it’s arguably not even the strangest. Cinderella cosmetics seem like a natural, and the characters in Rocky Horror slather on the makeup with a paint roller, so that’s a no-brainer. But MAC also did a Simpsons collection not long ago, too, for anyone trying to attain the trademark jaundiced look of that long-running animated series.

For the record, the MAC Star Trek line draws its inspiration from Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine character from Star Trek: Voyager. And why not? She certainly knew how to draw attention to her left eye, better than anyone except perhaps TLC’s Lisa Lopes. Honestly, could any lipstick compete with that, no matter how glossy and orange?


The ad campaign, unsurprisingly, focuses on the franchise’s female characters: Lt. Uhura, Counselor Troi, the green alien dancing girls, etc. That’s a little shortsighted, though, as Leonard Nimoy’s Spock certainly had a strong eyebrow game going on (he wasn’t above accentuating those Vulcan peepers of his with a little eye shadow, either). And perennial peacock Captain Kirk has undoubtedly applied some guyliner before beaming down to a planet with attractive, pastel-colored females to impress.

Hardcore Trekkers need not break out their credit cards quite yet, however, since the products will not be available until September 2016.


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