Mac DeMarco (left), Pickles the cat (right)
Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images), Screenshot: YouTube

Cats are responsible for some of the world’s greatest art, whether in a completely literal sense or just by virtue of hanging around creative people as they work.

Mac DeMarco, whose most recent album This Old Dog demonstrates an appreciation for all members of the domesticated animal kingdom, is just the latest artist to be inspired by the mysterious, entrancing majesty of the cat. In a new video entitled “PICKLES,” DeMarco channels the kind of free-flowing energy inspired by the presence of a furry neighborhood hobo. (The YouTube description offers a thrilling backstory: “pickles lives behind the garage.”)

Minimalist in visuals—there’s nothing distracting from a simple, zoomed-in video of Pickles munching up a snack and licking his chops—DeMarco channels the wild inner notes of the feline soul through a meandering, tape-warped keyboard melody set atop a repetitive drum loop. It’s a celebration of one of life’s basic pleasures: sitting back and watching a cat be a cat.


This first song is welcome enough on its own, but we can only hope it’s just the start of a fruitful collaboration between DeMarco and Pickles. A few dried salmon treats is a small price to pay for an entire new era of a musician’s sound, after all.

[via Noisey]

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