In news that may come as a surprise to the trilogy of books which comprise the source material for the first season, M. Night Shymalan has weighed in on just how long the Fox mystery-thriller Wayward Pines will continue. /Film reports that during a Wondercon roundtable advertising the upcoming second season, the series’ executive producer announced it would be, at most, one further season after this year. “I think we can say it’s a three-season story,” Shyamalan stated, possibly while evaluating whether to tease the big season-three twist that everyone is allergic to water. “If we get the opportunity to tell the third and final season, we can finish the story.”

Given that the first season was always intended to be a stand-alone miniseries, one that condensed three books‘ worth of story into a fast-paced and fun mystery adventure, it may sound a bit disingenuous to now claim it’s a three-season story. But let’s give Shyamalan the benefit of the doubt: After all, his writing is destined to change the fate of the entire world. But more importantly, original author Blake Crouch is a consulting producer, and it‘s entirely possible they were able to concoct a new plan that does require two more seasons. Speaking of which, Shyamalan also offered a tease of the upcoming season:

We are outside the fence a little bit. This season, we learn about the Abbies so that’s the big [reveal.] I think we could say the second season is about the Abbies. It seems at the end of the first season, you have a kind of primitive understanding of what that is, what an Abby is, but that’s actually not what an Abby is.


So we don’t know what an Abby is? Is he implying that Hope Davis was lying to us? If you can’t trust an explanation from an episode literally named “The Truth,” well, then it’s not just crickets that don’t exist in Wayward Pines. It’s honesty, damn it.