M. Night Shyamalan is returning to the suspense genre and he’s bringing Kathryn Hahn with him. The Bad Words actress is set to star in Shyamalan’s upcoming film, Sundowning. Hahn will play a single mother whose two children are sent to visit their grandparents, where—according to The Wrap—“things go very wrong.” Few plot details have been released, although it’s worth noting that “sundowning” is a real-life psychological phenomenon related to dementia, characterizing increased confusion and restlessness once the sun goes down.

Sundowning marks Shyamalan’s return to the supernatural horror genre that launched (and subsequently destroyed) his career. Recently focused on action films like The Last Airbender and After Earth—each horrifying in different ways—Shyamalan’s last film with his signature creepy vibe was 2008’s The Happening, wherein he also placed a comedic actress at the center of a mysterious situation. Zooey Deschanel went on to have her biggest career breakthroughs after starring in that film, so perhaps this is the rite of passage that will similarly launch Kathryn Hahn to superstardom.