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Just a few months ago, Universal announced release dates for two new M. Night Shyamalan movies, with one arriving in 2021 and the second in 2023. Following the success of his three most recent movies and Apple’s second season order for Shyamalan’s original series Servant, the Shyamalanaissance continues: Speaking with Collider, the filmmaker revealed that we might actually be getting three new Shyamalan joints. While discussing how he “felt very strongly” about the two previously announced films, Shyamalan added:

And, interesting enough, there might be a third thing that came to me that might end up going in between these two. So there might be three.


He says “might” three times, which—if our calculations are correct—suggests that this third film might not be finalized. More like M. Might Shyamalan, right?! UP TOP.

Shyamalan went on to explain that he’s been enjoying the “minimal, contained” approach on films like The Visit, where he has more creative control over the finished product. It appears Universal is certainly allowing him similar freedom on his upcoming projects. And just in case you were worried that these recent box office successes may have changed him, unclench those buttholes because Shyamalan confirms that all three of his new movies are “weird and dark.”

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