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Illustration for article titled M’Lady’s Records is now charging women 23 percent less for LPs than men

Portland’s M’Lady’s Records, home of acts like Dead Moon, Mecca Normal, and Make-Up, is putting its feminist money where its equality-talking mouth is, electing to charge women living in America just 77 percent of what men pay for purchases in its online shop. That figure is directly related to the current U.S. wage gap as reported by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, and M’Lady’s says it’s enacting the policy because “the Equal pay act was passed in 1963. It’s now 2015.” Ideally, the label says, “real progress would be this pricing scheme applied to the grocery store or the utility companies, but since we don’t run any of those, we’ll just stay here in our insane asylum and keep this going until either that number goes up significantly (like, say, to 100 percent) or we go down in flames (much more likely.)”


The label says that all users will first pay full price for their orders and then women will be refunded that 23 percent. The label also notes that “dudebros that grouse about this will have to pay double.”

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