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M.I.A. teams with WikiLeaks founder, creates controversy vortex

Never one to shy away from controversy, M.I.A. has moved on from flipping America the bird and her one-sided feud with Anderson Cooper, and has now teamed with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. No, M.I.A. will not be infiltrating the Pentagon to copy sensitive documents about government misbehavior. (Presumably.) Instead, she’s provided the music to Assange’s new talk show, The World Tomorrow. The show, which debuts next week on Russian television, but will be available to watch online, features interviews Assange recently conducted while under house arrest for allegations of rape. Twelve episodes are already in the can, and M.I.A has taken to Twitter to talk about Assange borrowing her computer (total humblebrag) and how she’s keeping it banging, FCC fines and all. Not bad for someone who retired four years ago. A preview clip for the show is below, but it’s not noted whether the backing music was some of M.I.A.’s work. [via Pitchfork]

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