M.I.A.’s latest record, Matangi, is coming out in December—or at least that’s what she told fans in a Q&A on Twitter today. The politically charged performer says the record will arrive alongside an autobiography, a documentary, and an art exhibit.

Matangi won’t contain any collaborations (sorry, Madonna) and M.I.A. adds that she will only work with producers “that don’t act like fame whore colonizers" (sorry, Diplo). She’s still working on the record, which she claims sounds like “Paul Simon on acid,” but says it will eventually be anywhere from five to 15 songs—depending “on what sounds good in my bro's CAR"—even posting a possible tracklist. She also said she’s “remixin every song on this LP by David Forguetta boutit”—but fortunately that seems more like a joke than something fans should take seriously.