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LVL UP (Photo by: Andrew Piccone)
LVL UP (Photo by: Andrew Piccone)

New York’s LVL UP keeps good company. Having released records on both Exploding In Sound and Double Double Whammy—labels that have released records by Speedy Ortiz, Mitski, and Pile—the four-piece has a place alongside the Northwest’s budding indie-rock bands. For its upcoming 7-inch release, aptly titled Three Songs, LVL UP joins Boston’s Run For Cover Records, which takes on the band’s most mystical work year as a co-release with Double Double Whammy. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Three Songs below, and along with the dates from the band’s upcoming tour is a quote from the band explaining how to best enjoy Three Songs. But even if you don’t have the requisite candles, or the setting for such an intimate calm, the songs are still worth hearing.

“Lo! Lifting fog reveals a cloaked figure in crooked moonlight and it is shown—The Closing Door —the Blur of spirit passing through—Proven Water Rites burning effigies of past selves—demonstrations from beyond a lifting veil. First, the listener dims the lights, burning all candles found within the dwelling. With eyes open toward the ceiling, the listener feels dull heat from the candles in front of them. Eyes closed now, the listener begins to regulate their breathing and in time presses play on their device. Eyes open again, the listener reaches their hands to hover above the nearest flame for the duration of the first passage. The listener stares directly into candle’s flame, regulating their breathing. At the dawning of the second tune, the listener lowers their hands to hold and protect the candle in front of them. A new kind of light is shown now, and the listener’s thoughts may begin to wander & blur, but they continue to stare. At the end of the second passage, the listener blows out all of the candles without hesitation. In near darkness now, the listener is left to sit, breathing the remnants of fire and thoughts that drift about the room. This is the final song.”


Pre-orders for Three Songs are available through Run For Cover and Double Double Whammy.


LVL UP Tour dates:

July 21—The Slit—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania *
July 22 —Ace Of Cups—Columbus, Ohio *$
July 23—The Upper Room—Grand Rapids, Michigan *
July 24—Subterranean—Chicago, Illinois *
July 25—Wicker Park Fest—Chicago, Illinois *
July 26—The Triple Rock—Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 29—The Black Lodge—Seattle, Washington #
July 30—Analog—Portland, Oregon #
July 31—1-2-3-4 Go! Records—Oakland, California #
Aug. 1—924 Gilman St—Berkley, California &
Aug. 2—Mayan Theater—Los Angeles, California &
Aug. 2—VLHSLos Angeles, California #
Aug. 3—The Observatory—Santa Ana, California &
Aug. 4—Crescent Ballroom—Phoenix, Arizona &
Aug. 6—Mohawk—Austin, Texas &
Aug. 7—Trees—Dallas, Texas &
Aug. 8—HOB - The Parish—New Orleans, Louisiana &
Aug. 10—The Beacham—Orlando, Florida ^
Aug. 11—1904 Music Hall—Jacksonville, Florida ^
Aug. 12—Cat’s Cradle—Carrboro, North Carolina ^
Aug. 13—9:30 Club—Washington, D.C. ^
Aug. 14—Union Transfer—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ^
Aug. 16—Royale—Boston, Massachusetts ^
Aug. 17—Irving Plaza—New York, New York ^

* w/ Big Ups
$ w/ The Sidekicks
# w/ Upset
& w/ Basement, Whirr, Better Off

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