One of the prime attractions of the BBC series Luther is Ruth Wilson's Alice, the sexy, brilliant, charismatic psychopath who develops a strange, intensely charged relationship with Idris Elba’s charismatic, reckless London police detective—one who preferred to channel his own dangerous tendencies into the capture of psychopaths less sexy and brilliant than himself. Series creator Neil Cross was equally drawn to the character, telling Variety“I absolutely adore Alice,” and, “I don’t like to imagine my life without Alice in some way or another.” Unfortunately he didn’t get the chance to spend as much as time with her as he may have liked, since movie commitments forced Wilson to withdraw from the series early in its second season.

So now Cross says he's hoping to do an Alice-centered spinoff series, presumably picking up after she was last seen [spoilers ahead] fleeing London after Luther helped her escape from a mental institution, yet rejected her suggestion that they run off together. Cross hasn’t seriously discussed it with Wilson yet—and he's currently plenty busy with NBC's previously reported Blackbeard series Crossbones, not to mention a possible Luther feature film—but he talks as if the BBC is so hot for the idea that her participation is the only possible stumbling block. As for location, he adds that he wants to set it in America, the U.S. being the “natural habitat” for such a sexy, brilliant, cold-blooded, mass-murdering, unhinged nihilist. So, thanks.