Sapphire And Steel

As reported by Broadcast, Neil Cross—the creator of Luther and Crossbones—has announced that he’s working on a revival of the ’70s British sci-fi/horror series Sapphire And Steel. The original show doesn’t have the worldwide adoration of Doctor Who, but they sound similar on paper: Sapphire And Steel is about two mysterious figures who are tasked with maintaining the integrity of time itself, and much like The Doctor, basically everything about them is purposefully mysterious. They show up at a place where some weird stuff is about to go down (which usually takes the form of a ghost or a monster), they fix the weird stuff, and then they move on to the next weird thing. Also, they have super powers, live forever, and are members of a secret organization where everyone has names like “Sapphire” and “Steel.”

So, yeah, it sounds pretty bonkers, but it’s a British sci-fi show from the ’70s. We’d be disappointed if it didn’t sound a little bonkers. Cross describes the leads as “proto- Mulder and Scully,” which is good enough for us. We don’t know anything specific about his vision for Sapphire And Steel, but it’s apparently good enough that “a broadcaster in the U.K.” is “very, very keen to do it.” No plans to bring the show to America are in place yet, obviously, but considering the way Doctor Who has blown up here, you might want to start getting into Sapphire And Steel now so you can look really cool when it starts airing on BBC America or whatever.


[via Variety]