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Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie has had a lot of hurdles to lurch its way over on its way to theaters—from losing director Danny Boyle last year, to Craig’s own infamous lack of fucks. Now it’s starting to sound like the Cary Fukunaga-directed film is getting somewhere interesting at long last, with Deadline reporting that Oscar winners Lupita Nyong’o and Rami Malek are both in talks to star in the 25th James Bond film.

As we reported earlier today, Malek’s negotiations are a little further along; Nyong’o, meanwhile, is still in the “courting” stage of developments. She’s got a busy goddamn schedule, after all, what with another Star Wars movie to voice, that remake of The Killer with John Woo, a wholly different spy thriller called 355, plus scaring the shit out of us in Jordan Peele’s Us. That being said, her starring role in last summer’s Black Panther—which features, among its other merits, a high-tech car chase that’s easy competition with anything the Bond movies have put out in recent years—confirms she has the occasional taste for a big-budget action blast. We can’t necessarily see her going for the full “Bond Girl” thing, but it’s not hard to imagine her stylishly kicking ass with a bunch of fancy gadgets.


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