Rapper Lupe Fiasco has announced that one of his upcoming albums, Roy, will be his last. Fiasco made the announcement yesterday on Twitter, declaring the coming of the LUPend, before then getting down to the busy work of muddying the waters of his apparent musical retirement.

In the same block of tweets where he declared Roy—the third of three compilations he’s expected to release this year— both his “final and last album,” Fiasco also fielded questions about the long-anticipated sequel to 2007’s Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, declaring that it would be arriving in Winter 2017. Since that’s well after Roy’s expected 2016 release, fans quickly questioned what form the new project would take, if it won’t in fact be an album. Fiasco’s response: No comment.

Fans annoyed by the logical paradoxes of Lupe Fiasco should probably refrain from going after him on Twitter, though, as the rapper also took some time yesterday to drop life/romantic advice on his followers that might dissuade anyone from taking a run at the king:


[h/t Fader]