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Lupe Fiasco cuts out the middlemen, gives his new album a 7 out of 10 review

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Lupe Fiasco seems like kind of an impulsive guy. One day, he’s announcing his final albums; the next, he’s adding a couple more; then, he’s quitting music altogether because people called him anti-Semitic for using the phrase “dirty Jewish execs” in a song. Then he releases the album anyway. Guy’s hard to pin down.


Luckily, music journalists no longer have to worry about figuring out Fiasco’s game, as the Tetsuo & Youth rapper has now released his own review for his latest offering, DROGAS Light, declaring it a “7/10”. The actual text of the review reads more like a mission statement, although he does note, writing in third-person, that Fiasco’s “latest, DROGAS Light, is something of a mixed bag,” and that some of his live performances are “decent at best.” Later, he switches into an interview format, handing writing duties over to himself after noting that he’s a “loquacious Luddite.” He also notes that the plan is still for the next phase of his career to contain “no albums at all,” whatever that happens to mean.

Still, we gotta say: This is pretty positive for a 7 out of 10 review, especially since Fiasco ends by saying Light “still possesses the classic Lupe direct social commentary and imaginative storytelling which solidified his place in the game so many years ago and looking forward potentially for so many years to come.” His editor (Mr. L. Fiasco, no fixed address) might want to send this thing back for another draft.

[via Pitchfork]

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