One very lucky (and very wealthy) Star Wars fan out there will get to be the newest owner of Luke Skywalker’s actual, make-believe laser gun. The prop weapon—used and partially damaged by Mark Hamill on the set of The Empire Strikes Back—is being put up for auction by Nate D. Sanders of Los Angeles and is expected to sell for at least $300,000. That’s even more than the toy gun used by Harrison Ford in Empire and Return Of The Jedi (which went for $200,000 back in 2013) and the nonfunctioning hilt of Luke’s lightsaber (which sold for $240,000 in 2008).

Nate D. Sanders


The DL-44 Blaster—modeled after a German Mauser C96 pistol—was given away by Hamill to an adoring eight-year-old fan during the filming of the BBC show Jim’ll Fix It in 1979. Somehow it made its way into the hands of a private collector, and now it will presumably be sold to some 40-year-old tech millionaire. Such are the mysterious ways of the Force.

[via Screen Rant]