After narrowly missing out on playing the role of Tammy 1 due to her Spartacus schedule, Lucy Lawless will finally find her way onto Parks And Recreation, playing a love interest for a character whose identity you could probably guess if you had any passing familiarity at all with the show, but whom we will still put behind a [SPOILER ALERT] in case you're just looking for a reason to get angry at the Internet today. According to TV Line, Lawless will play a single mother with a problem requiring the parks department's attention, and the strong, self-possessed, Xena-like brunette will then prove intriguing to the man who expressly likes those sorts of women, Ron Swanson. TV Line adds that Lawless will reportedly stick around for multiple episodes, suggesting she's definitely the "new love interest" that Nick Offerman hinted at in our recent interview, and that there will be many narrowly avoided instances of stepping on Aziz Ansari. Watch out, Aziz Ansari! Don't get stepped on.