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It may be awhile before we reunite with Elio and Oliver in the Call Me By Your Name sequel, but in the meantime Luca Guadagnino will hold us over with a new story of heartache and self-discovery set against a lush Italian landscape. Will there be swimming pools and erotic food scenes in this new Guadagnino project, you ask? Probably, but at the moment we can’t confirm. What we do know is a new limited series from the Suspiria director is on the way, and it’s all about teens figuring out their identities over the course of an Italian summer.


A report from the Observer reveals the A Bigger Splash director is partnering with HBO for the new series. Tentatively titled We Are Who We Are, the show is said to follow a 14-year-old New Yorker named Fraser who moves to an army base in Italy to live with his colonel mother and her wife. There he hangs with a bunch of other army kids and Italian locals, strikes up a close friendship with a teenage girl named Caitlin, struggles with understanding his sexuality, develops a romance with an older male soldier, and probably a handful of other things that will be beautifully shot and set to a dreamy score that will make you weep.

Being the busy man that he is—he’s also working on that Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks film on top of CMBYN2—Guadagnino will reportedly only direct three episodes of the eight-episode, one-hour series, including the premiere and finale. He’s also writing the project with Italian author Paolo Giordano and screenwriter Francesca Manieri. HBO has yet to comment on the report, but production is expected to take place this spring into the fall. If this series is even half as excellent and emotionally gutting as Michael Stuhlbarg’s Call Me By Your Name monologue then the Italian director may be looking at his first trip to the Emmys.

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