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Luca Guadagnino to direct the Coen brothers' Scarface remake

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Three years after initial director Antoine Fuqua dropped out (followed by replacement director David Ayer and then Antoine Fuqua again, evidently), the Scarface remake written by Joel and Ethan Coen has finally found another new director: Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me By Your Name (via Deadline). This new version of the famous story—which started life as an Armitage Trail book before becoming a Howard Hawks movie in 1932 and then a Brian De Palma movie in 1983—will be set in Los Angeles, a departure from every other version of Scarface, but that’s about all we know. Actually, it’s safe to assume there will be a guy with a scar on his face and some elements of organized crime, but everything else is up in the air. Maybe there will be cocaine, maybe there will be someone who introduced someone else to his little friend, we don’t know yet.


This is the latest big move for Guadagnino, whose career obviously took off after Call Me By Your Name. Is still set to direct a sequel to that movie, plus a new adaptation of Lord Of The Flies, but this seems like it will be his first big swing for a high-profile mainstream hit since the Armie Hammer/Timothée Chalamet movie. We don’t know when production on this Scarface remake might start to move forward, but as with everything else in Hollywood right now, it might be a while.

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