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Love is real at the Emmys, depending on how you feel about public marriage proposals

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Let’s be totally honest here: The Outstanding Directing For A Variety Special Emmy going to Glenn Weiss, the guy who directed the Oscars ceremony, seemed pretty boring. It’s the kind of award that’s usually good for a snack break, since most TV viewers probably don’t care who directed the Academy Awards, but Weiss went into his acceptance speech with a plan to spice things up. After addressing the recent death of his mother, Weiss turned to his girlfriend in the audience and asked her to marry him. The crowd flipped out, everybody started crying, and Weiss’ girlfriend, Jan Svendsen, was quickly ushered up to the stage so Weiss could get down on one knee and do the proposal right.

Svendsen accepted, the two of them guaranteed that the Emmys broadcast will run long, and it was all very touching—unless you’re one of the people who is morally opposed to public marriage proposals like this. After all, it’s not like she could’ve turned him down without everyone in the entire world becoming profoundly embarrassed. Either way, there may be a bigger issue facing Weiss and Svendsen:


Is there any chance George R.R. Martin was wearing a chainmail hat under his normal hat? Somebody should’ve checked beforehand.

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