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Love Actually writer is crafting a mini-sequel for charity

Like many people who watched Love Actually, we have lingering questions about the 2003 film. For example, did Harry and Karen stay together after his sort-of infidelity? They’re spotted together at the airport, but did she really forgive him? Also, were Sam and Joanna able to work out some kind of long-distance thing? And did Richard Curtis seriously think that what Mark did to Juliet and Peter wasn’t fucked up? Some of those queries may be answered sooner than you’d think—BuzzFeed reports that Curtis is working on a “mini-sequel” to his indefatigably popular rom-com.

The forthcoming comedy skit will do more than just potentially satisfy our curiosity. Titled Red Nose Day Actually in honor of the annual day of philanthropy, the short film will benefit Comic Relief, a charity that helps people in the UK and Africa. Curtis said via press release that he’d never “dreamt of writing a sequel to Love Actually, but I thought it might be fun to do 10 minutes to see what everyone is now up to,” and that he hopes it “will help bring lots of viewers and cash to the Red Nose Day shows.”


Despite their successful careers pre- and post-Love Actually, a lot of the film’s stars will reprise their roles as charming Brits who are, in some cases, unaccountably single. Liam Neeson (case in point) and his onscreen son Thomas Brodie-Sangster will be back, along with Olivia Olson, who played Brodie-Sangster’s young love. Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon’s characters will be back for some more inappropriate office romance, as will Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz. Bill Nighy will wriggle around some more as an aging pop star, and Rowan Atkinson will be back as the most meticulous gift wrapper ever. Finally, Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley will return as Mark and Juliet, which is telling because their final scene involved her kissing him (possibly out of pity) even after he showed up like an asshole at this married woman’s house on Christmas Eve to tell her that, while he hoped to meet someone even more beautiful to get over her with, she is “perfect.” Chiwetel Ejiofor, who made up the rest of the love triangle, hasn’t been announced as part of the sequel’s cast, so maybe Peter told them both to fuck off.

Red Nose Day Actually will air March 24 on BBC 1, and on NBC on March 25.

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