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Lovable lug Vin Diesel records sensitive duet with Selena Gomez

Photo: Victor Chavez / Getty Images

Forget the guy who’s actually named Pitbull, Vin Diesel is a pit bull puppy in human form. He’s got big old paws and can be dangerous, but that’s mostly because he doesn’t know his own strength. There are those out there that will try to take advantage of his trusting nature and brute power, but deep down he’s a big old goofball who just wants to chase cars and drink Coronas with his family all day. And Diesel’s unselfconscious nature is on full display in his first foray into pop music, a new duet with Selena Gomez:

That low rumbling you hear underneath Gomez’s vocals isn’t a car idling inside the studio. It’s Diesel, doing his thing way down in the lower register in this remix of Gomez’s recent single “It Ain’t Me,” made in collaboration with Norwegian producer Kygo. Midway through the song, Diesel lets loose with a howl that almost harmonizes with Gomez’s vocals, but ends up tumbling back down into baritone range, just like a puppy who tumbles down the stairs after getting a little too excited running to catch an errant rubber ball. In the end, though, no one was hurt, love was spread, and everyone was #gratefultomakemagic. So Vin Diesel, we salute you. In a world run by yappy little shits with Napoleon complexes, you’re a regular gentle giant.


[via Noisey]

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