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Louis CK unloads his “diarrhea song”

“Their smiling faces give me diarrhea” go some of the lyrics of the closing track from last Thursday night’s episode of Louie. Penned by Louis CK, the song kicks in just as Louie finally assuages the source of his nightmares only to serve as a reminder that uncanny and surreal moments are only ever a second away.

And in keeping with CK’s penchant for pairing beauty with disgust to see what happens, the Cuban-American opera singer Giselle Bellas warbles her way through lyrics like ”please die young babies in my diarrhea” while a Roy Orbison-inspired composition unfurls behind her. So while a listener’s ears experience pleasant tones, their brains are no doubt thinking about dying babies who shit on their dreams. Irony, achieved.

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