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While we’re already missing Louie (on an extended break from FX), we don’t have to start missing Louis. Louis CK has released a live album on his web site, and is offering fans the “pay what you want” option pioneered by Radiohead. The (audio-only) album consists of a recent set from Madison Square Garden, and the comedian is offering a price range from $1 to $85 ($5 is the default, we’re not sure if he’s joking about the maximum or not), because some of the material overlaps with his Live At The Comedy Store, and because, “it was hard to get good sound because comedy is intimate and MSG is large.”

The album can be downloaded as MP3 or FLAC, and can be paid for with PayPal, Amazon, Dwolla, BitPay, or whatever other made-up-sounding thing Silicon Valley types are using these days. You must provide an email address, but CK swears that once the transaction is complete, “you never, ever have to hear from me again,” offering an option to receive future notices as well as a “leave me alone forever, you fat idiot” option.


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