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Louis CK endorses Hillary Clinton as America’s “tough bitch mother” on Conan


Louis CK went political on tonight’s episode of Conan, laying out his current views on the presidential race for host Conan O’Brien: “I’m gonna vote for Hillary… If you vote for Hillary you’re a grownup; if you vote for Trump you’re a sucker; if you don’t vote for anyone, you’re an asshole.” Noting that he was probably cutting his audiences in half by coming out so openly on one side of the nation’s current political divide, CK emphasized that he was sick of “dad” presidents, and that he was ready for “a tough bitch mother, who nobody likes, and who just does shit.”


This isn’t the first time CK has waded into the current political quagmire; earlier this year, he described Trump as “a bigot with a hole in his heart.” Tonight, he kept things mostly positive (or, at least, the CK-version of positive, which is more sort of “angry but hopeful”). He described America’s treatment of Clinton as “hazing,” praising her for surviving it, and noted that, “Every e-mail she ever wrote is in the newspapers, and she’s not in jail, which is amazing.” Conan airs on TBS; you can see more clips from the episode here.

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