(Photo: Getty Images)

Defying the mandate of comedy overlord Joe Pesci, Louis CK is about to head back out on tour. The actor, director, and stand-up comic has announced 13 new comedy dates on his website, hitting mostly East Coast cities and states: Chicago, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Baltimore.

Unfortunately—or fortunately, we guess, if you’re Louis CK—tickets for the shows are going fast. All the New Jersey shows are already sold out, as are the four taking place at the Chicago Theater on May 31 through June 3. (But hey, if you’re in Chicago that weekend, you could always come by The A.V. Club’s own festival, featuring top-notch acts like Tracy Morgan and Sarah Silverman.) Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania residents, meanwhile, still have a shot of seeing CK get up on stage and try out some new material, although sooner’s probably going to be better than later when it comes to acquiring tickets. You can get full information on the shows on CK’s web site.


And if you missed out on this round of shows—or live on the West Coast, or in Europe—you might still be in luck: CK’s email says he’ll be announcing even more dates on Monday, May 16. You might want to subscribe to his newsletter—or just stay hovering on his web site, maybe while bumming yourself out with repeat viewings of Horace And Pete—on Monday if you want to get a shot at tickets for those yet-to-be-revealed shows.