Louis C.K. has spent the past few years evolving into one of the most honest and respected comedic voices around, and now it’s time to hear that voice come out of a cartoon dog. According to Deadline, C.K. has signed on to star as a terrier in an animated film that bears the working, yet still perfectly apt title of Untitled Pets Movie, from the writing and directing team behind Despicable Me. This Louis C.K.-voiced dog will contend with his jealousy over his master’s newest rescue, a “sloppy mongrel” voiced by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, as well as “the mean streets of New York,” when both dogs find themselves locked outside.

On their quest to return home, they also encounter the “adorable white bunny Snowball,” whose anger at being abandoned by his owners leads him to form an army of strays and take revenge on humanity, and comes expressed in the shrill, excitable voice of Kevin Hart. The film is expected to confirm what all dog owners have long suspected: Sure, they spend a lot of time on their balls, but they’re just gathering material for their next special.


Anyway, Louis C.K. has experience with speaking for dogs, as this early Conan O’Brien clip confirms.