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Louis C.K. will host, possibly play someone besides "Louis C.K." on Saturday Night Live

In case you were too consumed by laughter at Bruno Mars’ Michael Jackson impersonation to notice, Saturday Night Live confirmed that Louis C.K. will host the show when it returns on Nov. 3, bringing with him the musical guest fun. and his own, probably hilariously underwhelmed pronunciation of the word “fun.” As was recently reported, Louie is on hiatus until 2014, so this appearance will help keep C.K. on your TV screen while he takes time off for his stand-up tour and to recharge creatively. Whether part of that creative recharging will also involve him being forced into a dumb wig, or pretending to be attracted to Fred Armisen in a dumb wig, or generally do anything other than play “Louis C.K.” on SNL remains to be seen, of course, but at least we're all but guaranteed an actual, non-musical monologue for the first time in years. And then hopefully Louis C.K. has his own Michael Jackson impersonation ready.


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